Newsletter September 2010
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Eric Rozenberg appointed Chairman of MPI. This is the first time that this position has gone to a non North-American

Swantegy, a Belgian SME specializing in improving the performance of companies, is pleased to announce the appointment of its President Eric Rozenberg, as Chairman of MPI, the world’s largest organization of meeting and conference professionals: its has more than 23.000 members on 80 countries worldwide and a buyingpower of 16,9 billions dollars.

This is the first time that the powerful organization has entrusted this prestigious position to a non-American. Eric Rozenberg, aged 43, took up his position on 1st July 2010 for a one-year period. In accordance with the procedure of Meeting Professionals International, he has been Chairman Elect since last summer: during that period, he was able to accompany the current Chairwoman and thus prepare to take up his future responsibilities.

"This is the result of a lot of hard work, and a healthy dose of good luck, smiles Eric Rozenberg. In the last few years, I was very active in the European organization of MPI, whose membership rose from 1100 to 2500. As the representative for Europe, I had a seat on the International Board of Directors".

While luck and hard work definitely played a role, there is another factor that was probably decisive in the appointment. The powerful federation was aware of the need to bring about change in the Meetings & Events Industry and improve its performance, and in Eric Rozenberg they found a strong personality who had already initiated the practices they wanted at European level. His experience in the acceleration of business results did the rest.

MPI's objective is to facilitate the training of its members, to provide them with the tools to succeed in their career, to facilitate networking and, of course, to encourage them to do business together. These are all responsibilities for the Board of Directors, based in Dallas, and for its Chairman.

"This is an unpaid function", says Eric Rozenberg. And you can only do it once in a lifetime. In particular, it consists of running the federation, guiding its chosen policy direction, managing the work of the MPI Board of Directors, .... The Chairman works in partnership with the CEO on implementing the business plan. He has to visit a series of 'chapters' (local organizations), meet the members, and act as the organization's spokeperson together with the CEO …"

A very important responsibility. "It should take up about 90 days full-time from now till June 2011", says Eric Rozenberg. Fortunately, they will be spread throughout the year: only a few business trips will take me away from the offices of Swantegy for a few days at a time". And at the same time, business is booming at Swantegy.

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